Kinemaster Ruby

Kinemaster Ruby lets you import videos from your phone to create short films. Kinemaster Ruby is perfect for video making on the go and has everything they need at their fingertips. Here is the pro version of this video editor with all the features fully unlocked.

Kinemaster Ruby
Kinemaster Ruby

Kinemaster has all the features that you need to make your video look great, but with their new additions of cool features and beautiful templates, it’s even better than before.

Additional Information

Ratings 4+
Updated on 28 July 2021
version Latest
Size Varies with devices
Developers Kinemaster Inc
Category Video Editors
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The Developers of the app designed a new interface and set their look as based on rubies. The app’s design is unique with all its pretty colors that make users happy when they saw it for the first time.

New Backgrounds

The developer has updated the kinemaster app library with over 20 new ultra HD backgrounds. Now you can use these backgrounds to make your videos super cool and more interactive.


Kinemaster is a program that allows you to edit your videos and add unique stickers, animations, and transitions. With this version of the Kinemaster, users can make their own cool edits without having to pay any fees.

Sound Library

You can add music and songs to your projects, as well as background sounds. The app also has a built-in library of audio tracks you can use for creative editing. These sounds are totally copyright-free. Use as many as you like. All the sounds are free to use and you need to not worry about any copyright issues.

Voice Overs

Kinemaster Ruby is a powerful movie-making app that can be used to create short films. It also has voice overs functionality, which can help aspiring video editors find their own distinct identity through the use of sound or speech.

Multi-Layer Editing

Kinemaster Ruby has been turning out to be a great video editor. You can work on multiple levels of videos and it’s simple to use. Thus it saves your time as well as it increases your video editing productivity.

Ads Removed

This new version of Kinemaster makes removing ads a breeze, as there is no need to download any extensions or plugins.

This latest update removes advertisements by default from the interface so they are not visible at all when using kinemasters services.


No matter what your device specs are, you can run this version of kinemaster on it. No heavy processor and ram is required to run this video editor.


If you are a Youtuber or Vlogger then you should use this lightweight video editor with powerful tools. All the ads are removed and there is no watermark in it just like like Videoleap, Foco Video, and VN Video editor, etc. We have removed the watermark from all the mentioned video editors above.

You can try any of these. All above are very nice video editors. Each having different themes, features, and tools. Depending upon the need of video editors.

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