Hideninja VPN

Hideninja VPN Pro is a trustworthy application that will protect your personal data from Internet scammers. Hideninja VPN  is a must-have for anybody who cares about their privacy and security on the web.

Hideninja Pro Apk
Hideninja Pro Apk

It’s easy to use when you need access to restricted Web sites, the visit of which could damage your mobile device. Installing the Hideninja VPN Pro Apk will protect all of your IP addresses and get an opportunity to browse online all the blocked websites across the world.

Additional Information

Name Hideninja
Updated on 12 July 2021
Price Free
Size 20 MB
Category VPN
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Hideninja PRO
Hideninja PRO


Wi-Fi connections are great, but they can be really frustrating if you’re not careful. It’s so easy to get hacked while doing something as simple as checking your email on a public hotspot!

It’s important that we protect ourselves from sniffing and cracking when using Wi-Fi hot spots because it is very common for people who use these types of networks in coffee shops or airports to end up having their passwords stolen by hackers with laptops at the next table over.

it only takes seconds for someone else to steal all your information from right under your nose without any effort whatsoever.

Unblock All websites

Say goodbye to restrictions with Hideninja. Get access to all your favorite apps and sites. With a simple click, there are no more boundaries stopping you from what you want.

Access anything blocked on school or work WiFi while traveling abroad – anywhere in the world that has an internet connection can be accessed through this service without hassle!

Unlimited Bandwidth

With this VPN, you can take advantage of unlimited bandwidth for streaming your favorite videos and movies without worrying about data caps.

No Ads

Say goodbye to annoying banners that interrupt your browsing session in this app’s pro version. You’ll get an uninterrupted browsing experience plus speedy page load times without any pesky advertisements disrupting you along the way.


The app has 24/7 customer support which means you can contact them anytime for help. Because while using Hideninja VPN Pro Apk you may get any error or trouble. So you can ask them to solve your problem instantly.


This is a 100% free VPN to use for your protection online or may be used for many other purposes mentioned above. So no need to give any credential details while downloading or using this VPN application. unlikely quick VPN, vpn99, and Tls tunnel. Because the VPNs have paid version as well. So to use the paid version you have to pay.

IP Address

When you use the app, your original IP is masked and a new one is given to you by the app. This means that even if someone was monitoring your internet activity would not be able to identify who are you. Because the IP given by the app is fake.

Just like other VPNs, we have provided earlier such as Iptopv VPN, Atlas Vpn, 3X VPN, etc. All these vpns will hide your IP. Now its depend upon you which VPN you would like to use. All these VPNs are free to download from ModRoute.com


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